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Fixing California

A project of the San Diego Union-Tribune

This was part of a project I did for the San Diego Union-Tribune's yearlong editorial project on solutions to the issues facing California. Topics included education, public pensions, infrastructure and, as shown in this illustration, state budget issues.

For this story, I photoshopped then-Gov. Grey Davis on the head of Tom Hanks' character from the 1986 film "The Money Pit" also starring Shelley Long. I also searched for a similar font to that used for the movie to bring the two ideas together.

Matthew Hoy


"Two weeks ago, at the Women’s March, thousands of people delighted in the fact that there were thousands of people in a very blue city in a purple county who all agreed that an orange guy shouldn’t be president."
Matthew Hoy
Feb. 4, 2017 column for the San Luis Obispo Tribune

The Right Stuff

The right time and the right place are key to capturing the moment...along with the necessary skill and expertise to get the job done.

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