Project Management

Matt's project management experience has been forged over two decades in journalism and textbook publishing.

As a page designer at major metropolitan newspapers, Matt would work with editors and reporters to make sure that the final project was a compelling one that would interest readers. This consisted of brainstorming ideas for art, photography and infographics and making sure that everything was ready on deadline.

As a project manager at XYZ Textbooks, Matt would work with authors on editing, make sure that text and problem sets were proofed for clarity and accuracy, and would seek out necessary art and illustrations—including securing the necessary usage rights for third-party art. Matt also worked with various printing companies to make sure that the finished product was delivered in an acceptable format and that the printing was done to the specifications contracted.

Matt's detail-oriented personality and drive to make sure things are on-schedule, accurate, and on budget will be a boon for your project.

Textbook covers

Below is a selection of covers of textbooks Matthew was the project manager on, and for many of them he also did the composition and editing as well. The cover for the Basic Mathematics with Early Integers textbook also features one of his photographs.

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